Hillary Clinton Just Got HUMILIATED In Front Of Entire World – What She Did Was UNTHINKABLE!


Two weeks ago, leaders all over the world were kissing up to Hillary Clinton, as they assumed she’d be our next president. Now, however, they are distancing themselves from her as quickly as they can…

Yahoo reported that the man who pollsters say will likely become France’s next president just humiliated Clinton by saying he does not want to be compared to her.

“I am not Hillary Clinton,” poll frontrunner Alain Juppe said. “And France is not America.”

Juppe meant that though he is ahead in the polls like Clinton did, he won’t be losing the way she did.

Though Juppe is in the lead, he is facing tough competition from ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is a close second in the polls. Former prime minister Francois Fillon also has a chance of beating Juppe, as he is not far behind in third.

This exchange makes it clear that Clinton is now seen as a loser by the entire world, and nobody wants anything to do with her. SHARE this story if you think Hillary Clinton got what she deserved!


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