Trey Gowdy Teaches Democrats A Jaw-Dropping Lesson For Misusing The Government


The Democrats got a taste of their own medicine after Trump was elected.

Barack Obama, our current president, has been harming America severely in the last two mandates and even worked in Trump’s favor to make him even more wanted by the general crowd.

Just one year ago, Gowdy talked on this subject and said,

“Let me say this to those who benefit from the president’s policies, you may be willing to allow the end to justify the means in this case,” started Gowdy.

 He continued by explaining how Obama hurt America and did a malpractice when handling the laws.

“I’ll make you this promise. There will come a day where you will cry out for the enforcement of the law. There will come a day when you long for the law to be the foundation of this republic.”

“If you weaken it today, you weaken it forever,” said Gowdy.

Check out the video below.

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