General David Petraeus Just Gave Trump The Best Answer That Every U.S. Citizen Needed To Hear!

Elected President Donald Trump has worked day and night to organize his government and make the right choice in picking the people for the most influential positions in his cabinet – people who should be patriotic, obey the law and protect the rights of all U.S. citizens.

One of the people that Trump probably plans to include in his cabinet is David H. Petraeus, a former CIA Director, and military General. Below is a short Wikipedia résumé about Petraeus:

“David Howell Petraeus  is a retired American military officer and public official. He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011, until his resignation on November 9, 2012. Prior to his assuming the directorship of the CIA, Petraeus was a highly decorated four-star general, serving over 37 years in the United States Army. His last assignments in the Army were as commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A) from July 4, 2010, to July 18, 2011. His other four-star assignments include serving as the 10th Commander, U.S. Central Command from October 13, 2008, to June 30, 2010, and as Commanding General, Multi-National Force – Iraq  from February 10, 2007, to September 16, 2008. As commander of MNF-I, Petraeus oversaw all coalition forces in Iraq.”

When asked in a BBC Radio 4’s “Today Program” whether he would accept serving in Trump’s government, his here’s what he said:  “The only response can be: ‘yes, Mr. President’.”

When asked if he believed that Trump possessed the right temperament to be the US President, he responded : “It’s up to Americans at this point in time not only to hope that that is the case but if they can, endeavor to help him.”

“If you’re asked, you’ve got to serve – put aside any reservations based on campaign rhetoric… and figure out what’s best for the country,” he added.

Even though David has opposed some of Trump’s positions, he still remains a strong follower of Trump’s attempt to have tight relations with Russia but warned that every effort to come to an agreement with them must be done “with your eyes wide open”.

Let’s just suppose that Trump has made deep research about the people he plans to include in his cabinet in hopes that all the people that will envelop him throughout his presidency defend his ideology and all that he stands for and serve in America’s best interest.