BREAKING: New “Swing State Turnout Analysis” Model Has Officially Predicted The Winner, Possible BLOWOUT!


According to a “Swing State Turnout Analysis” compiled by the location intelligence firm, Trump is projected to win Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Colorado, based on location data from millions of cell phone users in these hotly contested swing states.

Cuebiq is rolling out a new projection methodology that measures real-time turnout on Election Day in every polling station in every precinct in 13 selected swing states. Its method relies on more than 150 mobile applications that use location-based services like GPS and Wi-Fi on 40 million cell phones.

Mobile users who are located at a polling location site for a minimum of 15 minutes are identified as likely voters. Then 2014 census data is cross-referenced with the anonymous geolocations to determine the likely ratios of political party affiliation for voters on Election Day.

As of 4:30 pm EST, Cuebiq’s data is projecting a decisive victory for Donald Trump, with an estimated total of 341 electoral votes. The data is being updated hourly until polls close.

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