BREAKING: New Polls Indicate END Of Hillary’s Run…Trump RUNNING AWAY With Key BLUE States!


What the FBI announced during last week’s investigation put the crowd of America on its feet!

Hillary Clinton is an obvious criminal, and alongside her husband they managed to lose the support from many people across the U.S.

As they are facing the downfall of a lifetime, Donald Trump climbs the support ladder in a fast and certain manner.

Clinton, in a furious panic, is running a rearguard maneuver, returning to states once considered an easy-win, all while Trump seeks to expand the red map by bringing new states into play. The strategy is paying mass dividends for the latter.

From New Hampshire to Pennsylvania to Colorado, the Trump Train is roaring across the fruited plains in a way that the savviest of prognosticators could never have predicted. The latest shocking poll comes from another traditionally blue state the Democrats have long-believed to be safe.

Republican nominee Donald Trump leads 1% over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Michigan, according to a Strategic National Poll.

The Michigan statewide poll revealed Trump is now dead even with Clinton, in a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988.

Trump received 45 percent support from respondents in a poll conducted Nov. 3, which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

This bad news for Hillary, losing states she should have in the bag, has to be the most shocking development in what has been an election of shocking developments; no doubt political scientists will  study it for years to come.

But, here’s the real take-away: we have the power to change our nation, making it great again, and on November 8, that is exactly what we will do. By electing Trump, we send a powerful message to political elites who try to run our lives and use our trust for their own enrichment — and we put the final nail in the coffin of the Clinton Crime Family!

 America will begin to grow when Donald Trump starts implementing his reforms and pulls it out of the mud created by Clinton and Obama.

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