BREAKING: Just Days Before Election Hillary Clinton Admits Defeat – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!


Just days before the election and in the midst of a re-opened FBI investigation into her various scandals, Hillary Clinton looks to be throwing in the towel. And nothing is more indicative of this fact than her most recent campaign moves.

In the advertisement below, you’ll see that Hillary is TOAST! In an apparently last ditch effort, Hillary Clinton uses Facebook to try to rouse the emotions of her limited fan base.

Clinton said:

“As of today, Trump is the favorite to win Ohio, Iowa, and Florida. He could be sitting on 259 electoral votes — just 11 votes away from a win. He could find those votes in battleground states where our lead isn’t so clear-cut.”


This is a clear expression of fear. Hillary is petrified that she’d lose the war, and she is absolutely right for that one. She never had a real chance of winning the presidential elections. So, goodbye, Hillary!

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