BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Be Indicted… Your Prayers Have Been Answered


This is the news of the millennium! Remember how the FBI Director James Comey said that they are reopening Hillary’s investigation? Well, FBI sources say that she is getting indicted sooner than you think. The sources said that this will all happen in 2017, so Hillary better prepare for her jail adventure.

It’s time for justice to find its way. Every scandal, leak, email… everything will be taken into consideration, and Hillary better give us some answers. Right now. We’ve waited enough for this moment.

Via National Insider Politics

Comey’s letter to Congress noted that the FBI had discovered “new emails” pertinent to the earlier investigation on “several devices.”

Reports indicate that one phone device belongs to Anthony Weiner, while the other belongs to his estranged wife Huma Abedin.

Sources inside the FBI have confessed to reporters there are “smoking gun” bombshells on the devices and she could be facing time behind bars.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Is Hillary clearly unfit to be president of this country?

Is Hillary ready to quit? Honestly, she better quit, because otherwise, she’ll be unable to live with her failure. Thumbs up, Hillary. Leave us some space. Pack your criminal past, and have a good time in jail.

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SOURCE: World Politicus

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