BREAKING: Hillary Clinton is Covering Up This One SICK Fact About Trump Rally Gunman


At this point, it would be pretty much impossible not to have heard about last night’s Trump rally where Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service Agents after calls of a gunman.

Well, maybe you have been wondering “Why is the media being so quiet about who the man who attacked the rally was?” It’s simple, really.

Okay, so it’s not as simple as it seems, but let me break it down for you.

This is the man who caused all the commotion, Austyn Crites.


Austyn Crites did not have a gun. However, he did have something on his stomach that appeared to be a gun.

More importantly, however, is to take a look at Crites’ social media. Despite being a registered Republican since 2011, Crites posted this picture to his Facebook.


Gross, isn’t it? My guess is Hillary Clinton paid him $2000 and a new Apple Watch in return for interrupting Donald Trump.

But hey, it just proves she is scared. Now let’s give her something to be scared about. Help reveal the real identity of Austyn Crites by posting this all over Facebook!!


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