BREAKING: FBI Drops BOMBSHELL Indictment News on Hillary


Sources within the FBI confirmed Wednesday that an indictment against Democrat presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “likely”, according to Fox News host Bret Baier.

“I pressed again and again on this very issue and these sources said yes — the investigations will continue, there’s a lot of evidence and, barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment,” he told fellow network host Brit Hume.

By “investigations”, he meant the extensive year-long inquiry the FBI has been conducting into the ostensible Clinton Foundation charity, which evidence has shown functioned much more like a pay-to-play Mafia operation than it did as a vessel for philanthropy.

To hear Baier’s rundown of the investigation, watch the video below:

Speaking earlier in the evening on the eponymous “Special Report with Bret Baier,” the host added that the investigation was being “led by the white dollar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal investigative division of the FBI.

“The Clinton Foundation investigation is a, quote, ‘very high priority,’” he said. “Agents have interviewed and re-interviewed multiple people about the Foundation case, and even before the WikiLeaks dumps, agents say they have collected a great deal of evidence. Pressed on that, one sources said, quote, ‘a lot of it,’ and ‘there is an avalanche of new information coming every day.’”

Included among the evidence were the laptops of Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, which were reportedly supposed to have been destroyed as per immunity deals reached with the aides’ attorneys.

“The laptops, contrary to published reports, were not destroyed, and the reason is the agents who are tasked with destroying them refused to do so,” Washington D.C. attorney Joe DiGenova revealed earlier in the week, according to The Daily Caller.

Sometime between July, when the FBI announced its plan not to recommend charges against Clinton, and late October, when Director James Comey reopened the investigation into the former secretary of state’s email habits, something had clicked within the agency.

As a result, it had gone from seemingly handing Clinton a pass to preparing to drop the hammer of justice on her, once and for all.


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