BREAKING: Battleground States Poll Explodes… Trump Begins to Pull Away


New polling data from the “Clinton News Network” has shown the election tightening significantly in major battleground states, thus making the probability of GOP nominee Donald Trump pulling off a victory on Nov. 8 much higher than previously thought.

In Nevada, for instance, Trump has gone from trailing Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton by 2 points to leading her by 6, according to CNN.

He was also ahead of her in Arizona and Florida.


These were fairly good poll numbers, especially considering their biased source.

As reported by RealClearPolitics, however, the numbers Donald Trump were even better in other polls, three of which showed him leading Clinton by four points in Florida.


Overall, Trump was leading by an average of 0.7 points in Florida, which was not bad at all.

In fact, only CNN showed Clinton leading by more than 1 point in Florida.

Only weeks earlier, Clinton had been dominating nearly every national and battleground state poll. Yet in a matter of only days, the narrative had completely changed — and the idea that a Clinton victory was a surefire thing had collapsed.

Of course, it was presumed that this huge change in the numbers was a direct side effect of FBI Director James Comey having announced last Friday that he was reopening the investigation into the former secretary of state.

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