BOOM! President Elected Trump Just WON The PRESS OVER with ONE EPIC MOVE


Hillary Clinton was never known for being warm to people. On the campaign trail, she grappled with high “unfavorable” ratings. In private, she was known to treat highly trained staff like servants.

She famously threw a bible at the head of one secret service member who had the unenviable task of trying to protect her.

She had a breakdown after she lost the election and had to be restrained from going after her staff whom she blames for losing her the election.

There are numerous other stories about her imperious nature and dismissive attitude to her underlings.

The ironic thing is the billionaire Trump never had such a reputation. Instead, he was known as the champion of the little guy.

Whether giving jobs to be people who needed a break, secretly paying off mortgages for those in need, or donating to charities that actually helped people, not enriched the founders, Trump was known as a man of the people.

Probably why he broke through Hillary’s unpenetrable blue wall and crushed her in the election.

The other night while he was meeting with future staffers, Trump ever the gracious host, sent a little present out the press contingent waiting outside his golf club in New Jersey.

Now remember the press was all against him. They treated him horribly while they did everything they could to hand the election to Hillary.

They even tried to push the false narrative that Trump was vindictive and had an enemies list.

So while the temperatures dropped as the night approached, while the press huddled outside in the cold, Trump did something unexpected.

He sent them hot chocolate, coffee and a huge spread of food.

Pretty gracious if you ask me.

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