Yes, Yes, Yes, The Victory Is Near And Near: Newest Poll Shows Trump Moves Past Clinton To Claim The Lead!


Trump is leading in the polls, again!


Victory is smiling to us folks, this is great!

All the chaos and dirty tricks that Hillary used are useless!

Trump is going to crush her in November!

This is the reality in this moment.

According to Western Journalism:

Despite almost two weeks of allegations and accusations against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online White House Watch survey finds Trump leading the presidential race with less than three weeks to go.

The poll showed Trump at 43 percent support while Clinton was at 40 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson was at 6 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein was at 3 percent. However, 9 percent were still not accounted for because they either were undecided (6 percent) or wanted another candidate (3 percent.)


Trump’s lead comes after Clinton held a seven-point lead at the beginning of last week, while Trump appeared to be on the ropes over remarks in an old video that were followed by a string of accusations from women who said Trump said or did offensive things at some time in his past. Trump has denied the veracity of all the accusations.

The Rasmussen survey found that 87 percent of voters have locked in their votes. Among these, 48 percent support Trump and 46 percent back Clinton.

Among voters who remain unsure how they plant to vote on Nov. 8, 36 percent support Trump while 30 percent back Clinton. The undecided pool also shows stronger support for Johnson and Stein, with Johnson receiving 23 percent support among the uncertain voters and Stein polling at 11 percent.

Although last week’s allegations against Trump caused the campaign to stumble, supporters have been trying to show why Trump is the right candidate for women.



One commentator looking at both opinion polls and surveys about the results of Wednesday’s final presidential debate said there is only one conclusion to be drawn — Trump is getting stronger.

“Mr. Trump’s popularity is growing and Ms. Clinton’s popularity is narrowing as the candidates get ever nearer to election day,” Siobhan Fenton reported for The Independent.

American people is smart, nobody can trick them.

We all know that America needs Trump, we have to be great country again!!!

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