WHOA! What Trump Just Said About Paul Ryan Will Get Him FIRED as Speaker of the House


Donald Trump has been playing nice with Paul Ryan and the other RINOs in Washington, but last night the gloves came off. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Trump let the world know how he REALLY felt…

“The fact is, I think we should get support and we don’t get the support from guys like [House Speaker] Paul Ryan,” Trump said.

“This happens all the time. If you sneeze, he calls up and announces, ‘Isn’t that a terrible thing?’ So look, I don’t want his support, I don’t care about his support.”

Trump also tweeted his disgust for Ryan calling him a weak and ineffective leader. He pointed out Ryan’s wild disloyalty.


Paul Ryan wasn’t the only one to feel Trump’s wrath. He also had a few words for Sen. John McCain.

Trump described McCain as having “probably the dirtiest mouth in all the Senate,”adding that he “wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with these people, including Ryan. Especially Ryan.”

Trump’s outrage against Ryan last night actually sparked a petition demanding that Speaker Ryan step down. The petition simply states…

“Paul Ryan does not represent the will of we the people, thus he should not be Speaker of the House. “


The fact that Trump is lashing out at the Republican establishment just proves even more that Trump isn’t in this for himself, he is in this for the people!



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