Trump Confronting Hillary On Her Benghazi Lies Is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting For


This right here is exactly what America needed to hear about Hillary Clinton. This could be her downfall in the election.

During last night’s debate, co-moderator Anderson Cooper grilled Trump about a series of tweets he sent out from 3-5 AM following the first presidential debate. Being the biased liberal that he is, he, of course, tried to skew these tweets towards Trump being “unhinged” and “reckless” with what he says. Trump expertly turned it around and took the high road, making it about Hillary’s failures in office.

What he said about a President at 3-5 AM is telling about both he and Hillary and what type of presidents they will be. Watch below and try not to cheer so loud you wake the neighbors.

So what happens when it’s 3 AM and there’s the inevitable terror attack because you’re in office and you’re soft, Hillary? When do you take a hard-nosed stance? What ABOUT 3 AM in Benghazi Hillary? You didn’t do a damn thing. You let five Americans die.

How Trump responded showed America, and the world when you’re given a biased question that is meant to put you into a corner, you can come out swinging and make sure it knows you have no intentions of backing down.

Trump isn’t cowering to ANYONE, especially Hillary and her cronies. Let’s make sure that she does.


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