THIS MEANS WAR! What Donald Trump Just Did to GOP Elite Will Make America Cheer!


This is exactly why we all fell in love with Donald Trump in the first place. Mr. Trump is on a warpath and his goal is simple: DESTROY THE GOP ELITE!!

Donald Trump apparently just found out that the Republican establishment has been trying to sabotage his run still. Not just that, they actually may have been the ones who leaked the vulgar tapes to the press.

Well, Trump is FURIOUS and he is ready to FIGHT BACK!

He went on an epic attack on Twitter today where he essentially separated his entire campaign from the old Republican party!

First, it was Paul Ryan…

Next was SLEAZY John McCain…

Then Donald Trump said, “To Hell with it!” and took the entire party down!

Hell yeah! Show those traitors who is the boss!

The Republican party is not the Party of the  Bushes or the Romneys or any of those other families. It is the party of the people, founded by Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump is here to take it back for us!

H/T LibertyWritersNews

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