Sheriff David Clarke Stands Up To Black Lives Matter, Something Terrible Just Happened To Him


Famous Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke got in trouble after he spoke up against Black Lives Matter. The University of New Haven invited Sheriff Clarke to speak to them. But when Clarke talked badly about Black Lives Matter, something terrible happened.

The school canceled his appearance. All over the country, colleges are becoming more and more politically correct, they can’t even bare to hear a black man have a single criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. David Clarke wrote a humorous article about the situation called “Predominantly white college disinvites black man to show they care about minorities

Of course, the college put out a very pathetic excuse for disinviting him. “The University is aware that some people, including current students and alumni, are upset that Sheriff David Clarke’s invitation to speak at the Markle Symposium was rescinded. As an institution of higher learning, we fully support free speech and value the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit Sheriff Clarke’s attendance at this year’s symposium, and we respect the resulting divergent reactions among the University community.” Yup, circumstances didn’t permit it. Very convincing.


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