Obama Just Gave Joe Arpaio a DEATH SENTENCE! Sheriff Joe Needs Our Help NOW!


Obama has been out to get America’s toughest Sheriff since he came into office and now he finally succeeded.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was officially charged Tuesday with criminal contempt of court. After 23 years of serving the people, the 84-year-old sheriff is facing 6 months in jail!

Can you imagine what the criminals Sheriff Joe arrested will do to him in jail?

 It’s a sheer death sentence!!!

Arpaio’s campaign manager knows that this is just more political sabotage from dirty Democrats.

“The Department’s actions in the last 30 days before the election are further attempts to sabotage Sheriff Arpaio in his bid for a seventh unprecedented term as Maricopa County Sheriff. It is clear from the timing that the Department of Justice is merely a political tool of a corrupt Administration,” the statement said. “Justice plays no part in this Department’s actions and clear political motivations.”

Sheriff Arpaio up for re-election on a 7th term of serving and protecting the people from the flow of illegal immigrants, but the Obama regime have put stop to his career in law and order.

Under state law, the sheriff  can not be convicted of a felony and stay in office. So even if he is re-elected by the people, he will have to resign.

It seems that any time a person takes a stand to inform or protect the people, this administration takes them down. Just look at what happened with Dinesh D’souza! Enough is enough! We need to DEMAND that these charges be dropped!!!

This man has dedicated his life to protecting the people, now the people need to protect him!!


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