Melania Trump Is EXCITED To Watch Debate Tonight After Hearing News Trump Just Got!


This is huge. Coming into the third debate. Donald Trump is beating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the following states: Iowa, Florida, Ohio and Nevada.

*** These were former Obama states, y’all!

Take a look at this! If Trump can keep these four states then he will win the November election.

  • Trump is up 5 points in Iowa.
  • Trump is up 3 points in Ohio.
  • Trump is up 2 points in Florida.
  • Trump is up 4 points in Nevada.

Don’t let the energy down, ya’ll! We are beating the establishment. They will try and rig the election, y’all! We cannot let this happen.

This is from this morning!

No wonder Melania is probably excited to see her husband debate tonight. He is going to win this election whether Hillary Clinton likes it or not.

*** And when he wins this election, where will Hillary Clinton be?

You know. Here’s a reminder if you don’t remember.

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Let’s get excited to watch this debate – because tonight is the night that Donald Trump will put the nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton.

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