Jean Claude Van Damme Makes Epic Trump Endorsement “Because I love America” [Video]


Martial artist, writer and director Jean Claude Van Damme talked with TMZ about why he loves Trump. He was asked about the cyber warfare from Russia and how he thinks it will effect America. This is how he responded.

“Because I love America and I came here with nothing and I became a star because of these people. And I am very well in America. America right now needs to be treated like a business,” he started.

“When a guy has invested 2-3-4-5-6 billion dollars into this country, he wants to protect his interests… So right now there’s no more time to talk about cyber-attack. No more time to talk about nothing else other than to fly to Russia, have a vodka with Mr. Putin and to try to make peace,” he continued.

“Because all the rest are weak countries, except America is strong, and Russia is strong. So, you have to shake hands,” he said.

“Do you know how many guys I know who say the word p-u-s-s-you-know-what many, many times a day? Guys, you’re talking about the wrong things in politics. Right now, you need a guy like — I would say, look, I love my brother Muslim. They love martial arts. I love them. I love everybody on Earth. Right now, we need Donald Trump.”


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