I Guess Hillary Forgot That She Didn’t Pay Taxes Last Year. Let’s Remind Her.


Oh Hillary, when will you learn that everything you say seems to backfire directly in your face? Never? Yea, that’s what I thought too.

 In case you hadn’t heard, it was reported over the weekend that Donald Trump to a near $1 billion loss on his taxes back in 1995 and avoided paying taxes for almost 20 years because of it. This had to do with his many business ventures and was perfectly legal under tax codes and laws. So we get things like this from Hillary Clinton bad mouthing him and his LEGAL business practices.

When Trump responded. She doubled down.

But, as always, Hillary talking smack about Trump and his taxes comes back to bite her. Why? I’m going to put this in all caps because it deserves to be: SHE USED THE EXACT SAME LOOPHOLE TRUMP USED TO AVOID PAYING HER TAXES LAST YEAR!

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