BREAKING: WikiLeaks Email Shows Hillary Team SCRAMBLING To Escape Trey Gowdy


WikLeaks has been absolutely devastating for Hillary Clinton.

It’s astonishing that she hasn’t been forced out of the race by now.

But, that’s how politics in 2016 works unfortunately.

The elites are protected at all costs.

Check out this latest email that appears to show some confusion within Hillary’s campaign as to why there are no emails available from one of Hillary’s trips to Libya.

Clinton’s team looks like they are trying to spin an accusation that Trey Gowdy made.

Here are some screenshots of the email that you can see in its entirety here.




The rest of the email contains a transcript from an interview between Trey Gowdy and Bob Schieffer.

Here is part of that interview.

As you can see, the Clinton team is trying to figure out how to dodge Trey Gowdy’s legitimate concern that there is a gap in these emails during a time when she was in Libya.

Obviously, this is a problem.

People with nothing to hide don’t typically sound like this.

Isn’t it a little strange that her own team couldn’t figure out what Gowdy was talking about?

At the very least, it speaks to a lack of organization in her campaign.

It’s not easy keeping up with all of her lies is it?

Also interesting how her team said that Gowdy was “complaining”.

Yeah, don’t you hate it when the American people try to hold you accountable?

Let’s see if the mainstream media reports on this.


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