BOOM! Trey Gowdy Just Joined Trump and Gave the Best Media Attack You Will Ever Hear!


Trey Gowdy is one of the few people left in our government who actually cares about finding the truth. When four brave men were killed in Benghazi, he stepped up and fought against a corrupt government and a corrupt media.

Gowdy has been stonewalled every step of the way by cowardly Democrats who put politics before their country.

The media has become an arm of the Democratic party and journalistic integrity has never been so lost. A newly released survey found that only 6% of Americans trust the media and it isn’t hard to understand why.

The liberal media covered for Hillary Clinton and her lies about what happened in Benghazi. When Republicans tried to get answers, the media label it a “witch hunt”, claiming it was all political.

Trey Gowdy has had enough and he had his own questions for the media.


Does anyone know why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi?

Do you know why were requests for additional security denied?

Do you know why no assets were deployed during the siege?

The media has a duty to find the answers to these questions and report the facts. Trump has started a movement against the media and Trey Gowdy is on board!

We need to join the both of them and DEMAND that reporters do their jobs instead of just covering for Democrats!!





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