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Andrea Tantaros Destroys Hillary With A Scathing Putdown About What A Fraud She Is


How much do you love Andrea Tantaros? It’s clear that she represents America’s women far better than that castrating bitch Hillary Clinton does. To our female readers: when you look at Hillary Clinton, do you see a “role model”? Yeah, I didn’t think so. And yet Hillary somehow narcissistically believes that if she were elected President it would somehow be a historic occasion. A new historic low, maybe.

Through her Twitter account, our beloved Andrea has been keeping up with the latest garbage that’s been spewing from Clinton’s mouth, and what it means for America, especially America’s women. She just had these 5 observations about our election so far as it relates to Killary:

1. It’s a bittersweet moment for women. Sure, it would be great for America’s women to have a female President…but not if it’s Hillary! That would be like going 1 step forward, 100 steps back.

2. There’s too much baggage for it to be a historical moment if Hillary were elected. She rode into washington on the coattails of her “husband”, a serial sexual assault perpetrator and rapist. How can she be an inspirational figure for women if she’s associated with such a misogynist?

3. Hillary is not a good representative of all women. She has mostly been interested in using the feminism movement as a vehicle to push herself and her own political ambitions. Does she really represent other women.

4. She’s clearly a criminal. FBI Director Comey let her off the hook in a way that’s obviously corrupt.

5. She is corrupt. She didn’t truly earn her Presidential nomination. After getting upset by Obama in 2008, the full Democratic machine rigged the system to ensure she’d win in 2016 (and she still almost got beat by Bernie).

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