Trump Jr. Take Huge Stand For Coal Workers After Clinton’s Mock Them


Trump Jr. struck back against Bill Clinton’s condescending comments about “coal people” . He said that coal people used to like him, but now they don’t. Still, coal people “blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning now.”

Look how Trump Jr. responded to Clinton’s mocking words :

“If there’s been a boom in Pennsylvania, it’s because of natural gas. Your Democratic governor wants to take credit for that, but guess what? Hillary Clinton wants to shut those things down. She wants to be beholden to Saudi Arabia, who writes her $25 million checks,” said Trump Jr.

“That’s not just common sense, it’s not just energy independence, it’s not just jobs and tax base, it’s national security. To be able to take care of ourselves and make sure we’re utilizing the resources that we’ve been blessed to have — I mean, we’re the natural gas capital of the world. And yet, she’d want to shut that down so that we can write checks to countries that hate our guts and hate our values and hate everything about us. That’s not gonna happen on our watch,” he continued.

Maybe Clinton’s would not have a problem if these ‘dumb’ Coal people lose their jobs, but Trump Jr. showed that he would.

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