Trump Jr. Outstanding Answer on Hillary’s Disgusting “Choke” Comment [VIDEO]


After Trump’s visited Mexico, the mainstream media had many things to reproach him for .  The first one was because Trump wasn’t demanding that Mexico pays for the wall. They think that Trump should’ve come on the stage and sharply demand from Mexico to pay on his first visit.  Tim Kaine, Hillary’s collaborator said that Trump “choked” in his trip to Mexico for this reason. Trump Jr. responded on this disgusting comments and showed he is a true businessman and that he can teach them a lot about it :

“Anyone who knows anything about a deal or negotiation – you build a relationship first. You don’t go with the hardest line aspect of a thing on day one. We’ve been very clear. We’ve never backed away from that. There are methodologies by which we can do it,” says Trump Jr.

Did they ever closed some real deal ?!  He was also talking about his trip to Mexico and about other topics that were discussed there.

Watch the video below :

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