Hillary Thought She Won The Debate. Didn’t Expect This To Happen To Prove Her Wrong.


When focus groups from CNN and Fox News published that Hillary Clinton is the winner of last night’s debate, she was certainly very happy. But wait, Hillary , don’t celebrate too early, you didn’t count the voice of people. The information from the polls about the first presidential debate last night have been revealed, and they are telling a completely different story.

VIA Yes I’m Right

At CNN, the focus group went 18-2 in favor of Clinton. And at Fox, pollster Frank Luntz’s group went 16-6 in favor of the former secretary of state. CNN’s group was a group of voters from Florida, while Luntz’s group was comprised of Pennsylvanians.

Lunts, who tweeted frequently throughout the debate, said that Trump didn’t do well when he talked about his taxes but began to rebound when he knocked Clinton over her email scandal. However, Trump “tanked” when “trying to explain why he questioned Obama’s birthplace for so long.”

But what no one is telling you is that another poll had Trump winning 92% to 8%.

It doesn’t look so really, really good now Hillary ? It’s not like you thought. This is the true people’s opinion, and you can’t delete this like your e-mails. Comment below what you think about it .

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