Herman Cain Reveals Why Trump Should Never Release His Tax Returns, This Will Drive Hillary Crazy


Former Presidential candidate and Fox contributor Herman Cain told Fox why Donald Trump should never release his tax returns. The Democrats have continued to say that this proves that Trump must be hiding something and his excuses for not releasing them seem phony. However, Herman Cain reveals why it is actually a very smart move for Trump.

Hillary and the liberal media have been twisting around everything Trump says, very purposefully. They try to make him look like a sexist, and a racist after the most innocent of comments. According to Herman Cain, a good reason for Trump to not release his tax returns is because it would give them more things about him to nitpick.

“I would not release my tax returns if I were Donald Trump. And here’s why: It would just give the nitpickers more opportunities to nitpick something, to try to turn it into a big story in order to distract from the success that Donald Trump is having. They keep bringing it up. That’s all they have,” said Cain. Do you agree with him? check out the video below.

SOURCE: Conservative 101

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