BREAKING NEWS: This is HORRIBLE! 52 Shot and 7 Dead in THIS U.S. City…


Another violent weekend in Chicago, Illinois with seven people killed and at least 52 wounded by gunfire in just two days. That brings us up to 2,000. people shot in Chicago. Horrible! 

Via Chicago Tribune

Then blue and red lights flooded her block in Austin as police and paramedics pulled up close to midnight Sunday. Two men had been shot at a house party in the 5000 block of West Jackson Boulevard, the end of another violent weekend in Chicago that saw seven people killed and at least 52 wounded.

The toll brings the number of people shot in Chicago this year to nearly 2,200. At least 329 of them have been killed, about 100 more than this time last year.

Things are getting out of control slowly in cities like Chicago and all because of the growing presence of anti-cop organizations especially presence from agitators from Black Lives Matter.

These things must stop at once otherwise, this can turn into something much more dangerous.

In the meantime, we ask ourselves what is our president doing, as we have not heard a single word from him about this, maybe because of his anti-gun agenda?

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